Mysore Railway Station

14May 2020


image of Mysore junction clock tower


Mysore Railway Station (officially Mysuru Junction) (station code:MYS) is a railway station on Mysore-Bangalore railway line serving the city of Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Previously Mysore was connected to Bangalore by a single line meter gauge. It was later converted into non-electrified broad-gauge line, which has now been converted to double line electrified broad gauge.

In 1879, the Madras Railway Company Constructed a railway line from Madras Royapuram to Bangalore city. During that period the Maharaja of Mysore opened up a separate railway company to carry out an extension from Bangalore to Mysore.

This company became known as the Mysore State Railway.

The rail line of 25.5km between Mysore and Nanjangud of 25.51 was opened for business in 1891.

The Birur to Shimoga section was opened for traffic in 1899 covering a distance of 60.74km.

Another important line was the Yeshvantpur to Hindupur section  which opened for traffic in 1892.

In 1911-12 the Mysore Government decided to form the State Railway Construction Department which was headed by Chief Engineer Mr. E.A.S. Bell.

The Shimoga to Talaguppa section was laid in 1930 and n 1951 (14th April) the company merged with the Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway to form the Southern Railway.

The Mysore State Railway started laying the Shivamogga to Talaguppa 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) line in the year 1930 to provide access to Jog Falls, a major tourist attraction created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m (830 ft) making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India.

The other reason for the line was to transport logs from the forests of the Malnad region to make wooden railway sleepers and to be used as a fuel in the furnaces of the Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Mill at Bhadravathi.

1938 saw the maiden journey on this line with the final section of the line from Sagara to Talaguppa inaugurated on 9 November 1940.

In 1990s, the train on the Shivamogga-Talaguppa line was replaced by a Rail Car.

The Rail Car could accommodate 52 passengers and took just under 4 hours (3hrs.45m) to cover the distance of 82 km.

In its day it was a lot quicker than travelling by road.

Ordinarily in India passengers would purchase a ticket before boarding a train, but this car had a conductor and was one of the first to allow passengers to purchase a ticket on the train itself.

Once reaching Talaguppa, the rail car had to be reversed by use of a turntable in order to start its return journey.

Lines at the station
Mysore to Chamarajanagar branch line
Mysore to Bangalore railway line
Mysore to Hassan railway line. (This is a railway line which connects Mysuru Junction with Arsikere Junction via Krishnarajasagara Railway Station and Hassan Junction)

Location: Mysore, Mysore District, Karnataka, India
Elevation: 760 m (2,490 ft)
Owned by: Indian Railways
Operated by: (SWR)
Line(s): Mysore-Bangalore railway line, Mysore-Chamarajanagar branch line, Mysore-Hassan railway line
Platforms: 6
Status:  Fully operational
Station code: MYS
Zone(s):  South Western Railway zone
Division(s):  Mysore
History: Opened 1870; 150 years ago
Powered: Electrified


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Mysore Junction at night

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