Gyeonghwa Station ~ South Korea

30April 2020

Gyeonghwa station

Gyeonghwa Station is most famed for the beautiful cherry blossom trees that line the track and bloom in spring.

Gyeonghwa is a small railway station in Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. The station is neighbored by Seongjusa Station to the north and Jinhae Station to the south.

Railway services in and out of Gyeonghwa Station are now have discontinued but you can walk along the tracks surround by a literal tunnel of flowering cherry blossom trees into the station

Gyeonghwa Station

Along with Anmingogae Road and Yeojwacheon Bridge, Gyeonghwa Station is one of the top three cherry blossom photo spots in Jinhae and each year during Jinhae Gunhang Festival a shuttle train runs where you can enjoy the experience of travelling through the blossom tunnel on a slow speed train. 

Very little seems to be written about the history of the station itself. All the focus seems to be on the blossom festival.

If anybody knows of the history of the station and its buildings we welcome guest writers to share their knowledge. All recognition would go to the contributor with links back to associated website or social media.

Gyeonghwa Station

648, Jinhae-daero, Jinhae-gu,

Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do 51669

South Korea

Play ButtonWatch the video. Slow moving train through the blossom tunnel at Gyeonghwa Station

image of a train travelling through Gyeonghwa Station Cherry Blossom Railway

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