Railway Gallery

Welcome to the gallery section where we aim to bring you the most stunning railway images from around the world.

The railway is celebrated by every mobile country in the world and is responsible for changing civilisation and connecting people like no other form of transport in history.

Great trains and grand stations were a demonstration of power and status in the world, and non more so than during the British rule of India.

This can be seen in the image opposite of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India.

During the day the building is sensational, but at night it’s something really special

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Clock Tower at Mysore Railway Station

Mysore Junction (officially Mysuru Junction) is a railway station on Mysore-Bangalore railway line serving the city of Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Previously Mysore was connected to Bangalore by a single line meter gauge. It was later converted into non-electrified broad-gauge line, which has now been converted to double line electrified broad gauge.

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