Gyeonghwa Station

City Railway is here to share the wonders of railway systems throughout the world and celebrate the way different cultures take pride in their rail systems which can be reflected in the absolute grandeur of city centre stations and central halls, or the simple beauty of a small country station.

This beautiful picture is of a train pulling into Gyeonghwa Station on Cherry Blossom Rd in Changwon, South Korea. Every year the local population celebrate the Sakura Blossom Festival in early spring whereby lucky travelers arrive at the station through dense blossom tunnels.

Unfortunately the spectacular is short lived as the highly coloured blossom petals drop like confetti within a week or so, but a real display of nature’s  beauty which brings the station to life

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Lugano Centrale Station

Lugano Centrale Station located in Lugano Switzerland.

Lugano railway station is the main railway station of the city of Lugano, in the Swiss canton of Ticino. The station is on the Gotthard railway, and is also the terminus of the metre gauge Lugano–Ponte Tresa Railway and the Lugano Città–Stazione funicular

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